“To dream and to plan, to be curious about the future and to wonder how much it can be influenced by our efforts are important aspects of being human.”

Dr. E Paul Torrance, founder of FPSNZ

Imagine a world where nanny-bots look after your children, an ear implant keeps you

connected from anywhere and everywhere, and everyone lives in a giant building that combines work, play and home. Problematic? Future Problem Solving students think so.

FPS (Future Problem Solving) is a proven programme with an outstanding reputation, both nationally and internationally. Students are taught skills of creative, critical and ethical thinking within the framework of some of the world’s most significant issues.View the 2016 topics here.

In small groups of four, students learn to to self regulate their learning as they collaborate with an existing or emerging international issue. They think in futuristic ways to create modern ways to solve problems. Because the students learn to look forwards and identify potential challenges before they come to them, they are more likely to overcome them effectively in real life and deal with them better. Thus FPS gives the students the life skills they need to succeed in society as confident, productive citizens.

The programme is particularly fitting in this climate of innovative change in New Zealand education as it fits the concept of the seamless curriculum, and covers all the essential skills of the TNIS PYP Curriculum Framework.


Kathy O’Meara

Contact: ko’meara@tnis.school.nz