International Student Liaison Assistant

Lara Kim

Lara Kim’s role title is ‘International Student Liaison’ at TNIS.

Lara looks after all the international students by having a talk to each of them on a regular basis, visiting homestays twice a year to check whether they have been cared for well by the host families, and keeping and following up all their requirements and documentation as set by the Code of Practice.
Lara also works closely with the E.S.O.L. department at the school.

유학생 담당 : Lara Kim 선생님은

Code of Practice(뉴질랜드내 외국 유학생들의 보호및 관리를 위한 실천요강)
을 준수하여 아래와 같은 일을 합니다.
-한국 유학생 상담
-유학생 홈스테이 가정방문 및 평가
-유학생관련 행정업무보조 및 ESOL class와의 긴밀한 협조
-한국어로 입학수속관련 상담 제공


Enrol at Takapuna Normal Intermediate School