International Baccalaureate

TNIS is a well-established IB PYP school.


What is the IB, and why do we do it?



The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation that offers highly respected programmes of international education. We are authorized by them to offer the Primary Years Programme (or PYP).



The IB PYP fits our school’s vision (Citizenship and Excellence)

It promotes development of the whole child; explicitly teaching emotional intelligence, wellbeing and emphasising character development – through attitudes such as confidence, open-mindedness, integrity, creativity, commitment and respect.

Research also shows that students in IB schools are likely to perform well academically, often better than students in other programmes.


It is highly complementary to the NZ national curriculum, but allows to augment it further by placing it within a

  • a global perspective,
  • emphasising critical thinking
  • focusing on assessment that requires application of skills


It links us to a dynamic worldwide network of over 1500 schools around the globe, and best practise found internationally, including at some of the top schools international.

We also find ourselves in good company back home – within NZ network, other IB PYP schools are: Kristin, Auckland Normal Intermediate, Bucklands Beach Intermediate, Dio, Glendowie Primary, Scots College, Selwyn House


The IB provides the framework for ALL teaching and learning within the school, ensuring a cohesive experience for students regardless of teacher or subject.

2018 TNIS Programme of Inquiry

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