“The need to communicate is instinctive. The development of language is fundamental to that need to communicate; it supports and enhances our thinking and understanding. Language permeates the world in which we live; it is socially constructed and dependent on the number and nature of our social interactions and relationships.” PYP Language Scope and Sequence (2009)

At Takapuna Normal Intermediate our Literacy programmes are developed to foster each student’s ability to communicate and make sense of the world around him. We strive to create rich learning environments where students are engaged in social interactions that use language as a tool to listen, think, discuss and reflect on the information and ideas presented to them.

Whenever possible, opportunities to engage in literacy learning within meaningful contexts, rather than isolated skill development is provided. Literacy learning at TNIS focuses on developing:

  • The ability to organise thinking, construct and create meaning, communicate information and ideas in print and electronic forms.
  • The ability to respond to, and think critically about a wide variety of texts in instructional, social, and recreational contexts.
  • The ability to write texts in order to think and communicate for a variety of instructional, social, and personal purposes as well as produce texts in print and electronic form.
  • The ability to show an increasing awareness of the power of oral language and how it helps construct meaning and connect with others.

Through our Literacy programmes, we strive to develop learners who become effective communicators and critical thinkers.