“Citizenship is our path, excellence is our goal”

Takapuna Normal Intermediate School is a school that proudly promotes quality-learning outcomes for the 11-13 year old emerging adolescent. Its links to Auckland University as a provider of teacher education ensures that the school continually seeks wise practice in all fields of teaching and learning, based on sound educational research.

The school is seen as innovative and hosts teachers both locally and internationally to observe New Zealand education in action. The development of the New Zealand Curriculum under the umbrella of the International Baccalaureate programme has ensured a learning environment in which students of all nationalities and abilities can grow and succeed.

The school’s knowledge-era approach to learning is enhancing students’ ability to be active participants in a rapidly changing world. Developing competencies that will enable children not only to be good citizens but to take their place as global citizens, is very much a part of the learning experience at Takapuna Normal Takapuna Intermediate School.

Owen Alexander