Technology is the creative and purposeful use of human knowledge, skills, and physical resources to solve practical problems. It involves developing artifacts, systems, and environments – intellectual and practical – that people create to expand their potential.

At TNIS students develop the capability to design and make artifacts, systems, and environments in order to solve problems in the following areas:

Information and Communications Technology
Electronics Technology
Materials Technology
Food Technology
Design and Graphics
Students use a range of materials and gain experience through focused practical tasks, and transfer their knowledge to show their understanding in Design and Make Assignments.

The Technology curriculum is structured around three interrelated strands: Technological Practice, Technological Knowledge and the nature of Technology. Students develop a broad understanding of technology by learning across all three. Learning focuses on one or more strands within a programme in a way that is mutually enhancing and integrative.

At TNIS Technology is a fun, learning experience. We encourage risk-taking. Students’ ideas are accepted and valued. Students are challenged to realise their aspirations. We provide opportunities for students to show initiative, make choices and take more responsibility for their own work.

A day without smiling is a day wasted.

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