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Latest Notifications

Level 3 Update and Newsletter

Fri Oct 22 01:39pm

Kia ora koutou,

You will be aware of the Government’s decision that all staff and workers who may have contact with children and learners in schools and kura must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by 1 January 2022. This measure has the support of education entities including the representative bodies of teachers and principals.

As the employer, we are responsible for ensuring the Government’s Health Orders are put into practice. 

The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and everyone involved in the safe operation of our school is something we take very seriously. As with other diseases that many of us are vaccinated from (measles, meningitis, pneumonia, tetanus and polio), without vaccination we’re at risk of serious illness, disability and in extreme cases, even death.

All of our teachers and staff have already chosen to vaccinate to protect themselves, their learners and their whānau.

Many other countries, including Australia and the United States, have mandated that their education workforce be vaccinated to assist in the safe reopening of schools.

A fully vaccinated education workforce provides reassurance for parents and whānau that it’s safe for their children and young people to attend school, and benefit from being with their friends and face-to-face learning with their teachers.

We appreciate all the efforts of parents and whānau to keep children and young people safe and engaged in their learning.

We will continue to update you with the latest public health and other information as it becomes available.

Our latest newsletter contains further links, videos and information about the COVID-19 vaccination.

Ngā mihi,

Principal – Wendy Sandifer

Alert Level 3 Information Update – Term 4

Fri Oct 15 02:10pm

Kia ora whānau

We hope you have had a good break from the school routine over the last two weeks. On Monday 18th October a small number of our staff will be at school to supervise children who do not have alternative care arrangements. Please let us know if you need your child to be at school by completing the form via the link below.

Further to the announcements made by the Government this week, we are able to let you know that all of our staff have indicated that they will be fully vaccinated by the time we return face-to-face to school. School will start on Monday 18th October as planned with an online programme.  All teachers will be in contact directly with their learners. 

As more information is shared with us we will update you on any specific plans for our school.

Ngā mihi,

TNIS Staff

Children Attending School

Our latest newsletter is now available

Wed Sep 29 01:46pm


Newsletter Week 10, Term 3 2021

Our latest newsletter is now available

Wed Sep 29 01:39pm

Our latest newsletter is now available.

Tue Sep 21 08:27pm

Newsletter Week 9, Term 3 2021

Alert Level 3 UPDATE

Mon Sep 20 05:43pm

Kia ora TNIS Whānau,

As you are no doubt aware, Auckland will move to Alert Level 3 from 11:59pm tomorrow.


While we know how difficult it is trying to work from home and support your child’s learning, please keep your child at home if there is an appropriate carer available. For those of you with no other option but to send your child to school, please complete the form via the link below by 5pm tomorrow, Tuesday 21 September.

Information regarding coming to school at Alert Level 3 (times, location of classroom etc) will be sent out to parents with children attending school under Alert Level 3 before 10pm tomorrow.

Ngā mihi,
Wendy Sandifer

Learners attending under Alert Level 3

Do you or someone you know need help with essential costs? A message from The Ministry of Social Development.

Mon Sep 20 04:06pm

The Ministry of Social Development has supplied information outlining how they can assist communities with essential costs. Please click on the language below to read more about this.
Te Reo Māori


Cook Islands Reo





Board of Trustees Newsletter

Mon Sep 20 12:02pm

Board of Trustees Newsletter – September 2021

Alert Level 3 – Update

Fri Sep 17 04:18pm

Kia ora, 

The quick move to Alert Level 4, high volumes of testing for COVID in the community, extensive wastewater testing, huge numbers of New Zealanders being vaccinated (more than 2.8 million people have now received their first dose) and an amazing response by Aucklanders to follow the rules at Alert level 4, has given Government confidence that we might move to Alert Level 3 on Wednesday next week. Until then, we remain at Alert Level 4.

When we do move to Alert Level 3, you legally must stay within your household bubble unless for essential personal movement, including going to work and going to school. 

All going well, we will be open on Wednesday next week, for only the small number of children who need to attend. As you imagine, it will not be school as we know it under Alert Level 2 or 1. All our usual safety precautions for Alert Level 3 will be in place which includes following all the recommendations from the public health experts.

This means we will regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, encourage everyone to frequently wash their hands and cover their coughs and sneezes, and keep everyone physically distanced from others as much as possible (one metre inside and two metres outside). We will also keep school bubbles to no more than 10 students. These bubbles will not mix with other bubbles.

Our contact-tracing systems will be in place, which includes our attendance register and visitor register, and we will be limiting staff onsite with the majority of our team working from home.

You can also assist everyone’s safety by keeping your child at home if they are feeling unwell and please do contact your GP or Healthline, to seek advice about getting tested. 

We will continue to support all children who remain learning from home, through our distance learning programme.

While we know how difficult it is trying to work from home and support your child’s learning, please keep your child at home if there is an appropriate carer available. For those of you with no other option, we will look forward to seeing your child at school next week. If you intend to send your child to school under Alert Level 3, please complete the form via the link below by 5pm, Tuesday 21 September 5pm. Information regarding coming to school at Alert Level 3 (times, location of classroom etc) will be sent out to parents with children attending school under Alert Level 3 before 10pm on the same evening. 

We should be proud of how we have responded to this outbreak, but the mahi isn’t yet done. As you have been doing, please continue to follow all the alert level requirements at Alert Level 4 and stay at home. It is the best tool we have to keep our whānau and community safe.

Ngā mihi,

Wendy Sandifer

Learners Attending Under Alert Level 3

Discovering Resilience – Live Webinar with Hugh Van Cuylenburg

Tue Sep 14 05:22pm

Kia ora TNIS whānau,

Looking after the mental health of our children is more important now than ever before.

 Join Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project, as he unpacks the research on mental health and breaks it down into simple tips to support the wellbeing of parents/carers and their children.

The best selling author and co-host of popular podcast, the imperfects, Hugh has partnered with elite sports teams, 1000+ schools and 500+ workplaces, teaching simple and practical mental health strategies.

Please click on the following link to register for this online session on Wednesday 22nd September at 5.00pm:

(Note: All people that register will be sent a link to the event on the day of the presentation.)


Our latest newsletter (panui) is now available.

Tue Sep 14 03:17pm

TNIS Panui – Week 8, Term 3 2021

TNIS Panui – Week 8, Term 3 2021

TNIS Health Consultation – Final chance to have your say

Wed Sep 08 04:39pm

Kia ora whānau,

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a Health Consultation survey via our school newsletter.

We value your thoughts and ideas as they help to inform and evaluate how we’re doing currently and identify areas for adaptation or improvement.

The deadline for completion of the survey is tomorrow (Thursday 9 September) at 6pm.

Please follow the link below to complete the survey, which should take less than five minutes to complete.

Ngā mihi,

TNIS Staff

TNIS Health Consultation

Our latest newsletter is now available

Tue Sep 07 04:40pm


Newsletter Week 7, Term 3 2021

PYP Year 8 Exhibition Update

Tue Sep 07 03:48pm

Kia ora TNIS Learners, Parents and Whānau,

Learners, you are doing an amazing job learning at home! TNIS staff are all very proud of your resilience and committed efforts to complete your work. Rawe!!! And thank you parents for your continued support.

As you know, mahi on Year 8 “Exhibition” is scheduled to start next week. PYP Exhibition relies heavily on close collaboration between learners and having shared responsibility for completing tasks throughout the process. As we are still in lockdown, it is very difficult to achieve the conditions needed for a successful and truly collaborative “Exhibition” inquiry.

The wellbeing and hauora of our learning community is our number one priority and we are concerned about any stress or worry that could be caused by attempting an “Exhibition” inquiry during lockdown to our learners, parents and teachers.

So, we have come up with a plan! Instead of the usual “Exhibition”, both Year 7s and Year 8s will all work on a Unit of Inquiry around “Where We Are In Place and Time”. That way, everyone will be better supported and Year 8 learners will share their inquiries with their parents on a special evening, just like we would have done with “Exhibition”.

Keep up the good work TNIS! We are so very proud of you!

Mrs Sandifer

Important Reminder to all Year 8 Parents

Wed Sep 01 11:28am

Kia ora whānau


Our local secondary schools have asked us to remind all Year 8 families about enrolling their children for Year 9 in 2022. Please visit each school’s website for more information about out-of-zone and in-zone enrolments.

Ngā mihi

Our latest newsletter is now available.

Wed Sep 01 11:24am


Newsletter – Week 6, Term 3 2021

Alert Level 4 Update

Wed Sep 01 10:30am

Kia ora parents and whānau,

We hope that you are managing home learning and working in your bubble. We appreciate all of the support and encouragement that you are giving to your children and their teachers while we engage in online learning.

Further to the latest Alert Level announcements, we are planning for our online learning programme to be in place for a few more weeks yet. As stated before, the wellbeing of our learners, staff and community is hugely important to us. Please strongly encourage your young people to engage with their teachers and class members in online face-to-face meetings.  It is very important that we all feel connected!

Next week we will resume Specialist Days with each learner having the opportunity to participate in their remaining two specialist subjects for the year. On these days there will be no programmed classwork. There will be two specialist class meet-ups with the appropriate teacher at 9.00am and 11.30am followed up by some learning tasks.  

Our specialist teachers have worked hard to provide learning opportunities that should be able to be completed at home.  Thank you in advance for any help you may give.

On another note, feedback from the teachers is fantastic around how well the learners are coping with online learning.  To make learning very successful we ask that;

– Learners attend class meet ups every morning when scheduled. These start between 8.45am and 9:15am.
– Learners have their camera on when attending class meetups and learning workshops, including ESOL. They can use a digital background if they want to.
– Please encourage them to have a ‘working space’ set up for the day

Thanks again for your support and understanding.

I would also like to make you aware of some useful online webinars coming up that will share tips for keeping the family sane in a busy household during the lockdown. Please click on the link below.

Ngā mihi nui

Free Online Webinars

Our latest newsletter is now available.

Tue Aug 24 05:29pm


Newsletter – Week 5, Term 3 2021

Alert Level 4 – Update 19/08/2021

Thu Aug 19 11:46am

Kia ora TNIS Whānau,

Thank you for your support so far with your child’s distance learning. Our teaching staff are reporting high engagement with their online programmes. Remember, your child’s teacher is your first point of contact if you have any questions or concerns about distance learning.

We understand that every bubble is different and that you are all doing the best you can. Kia kaha!

The Ministry of Education has sent through some important information for us to pass on to our community:

New face-covering requirements

From 11.59pm last night, it became mandatory to wear a face-covering when visiting essential businesses and services that are open in Alert Level 4 (e.g. pharmacy, supermarket, health services). It is also a requirement for staff to wear a face covering. The exemption remains in place for Under 12s who are not required to wear a face covering.

Locations of interest – rapidly growing

With new cases announced yesterday – 10 cases in total – the number of locations of interest will continue to grow. For those in Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula, please keep checking the list on the Ministry of Health website.

8 things you need to know about Alert Level 4

1. Schools and early learning services are closed onsite, but open to provide support for distance learning

2. Only essential services or businesses can open

In Alert Level 4, only essential businesses and services are operating. This means that parents and caregivers may be required to go to work, rather than work from or stay at home. These people will need to make their own childcare arrangements. 

3. Face-coverings are a vital tool to reduce spread

Only leave your home if you need to, and please wear a face covering when you do. We know of instances where people have picked up Delta simply by walking past someone with it.

Face coverings are required on public transport and domestic flights, in taxis and ride-share services and at any business operating at Alert Level 4 (supermarkets, pharmacies etc.). Those aged under 12 remain exempted from having to wear face coverings. 

4. People must only leave their homes for essential purposes

You can only leave home to shop for groceries, access necessary healthcare, get a COVID-19 test, exercise in your local area or go to work if you are working in an Alert Level 4 service and you cannot work from home.  

5. Fundamental public health measures continue to apply at every alert level:
• Physical distancing

• Hand hygiene

• Cough and sneeze etiquette

• Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces 

6. Testing remains a crucial component in preventing an outbreak

If people have cold or flu symptoms they should call their doctor or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice about getting tested. If recommended to get tested, they should do so.

7. Locations of interest

If you have been at a location of interest within the relevant time periods, please follow all public health advice. You must call Healthline for information about getting a test.

8. Stay within your personal bubble

At Alert Level 4 people must stay home and keep within their immediate household bubble. There may be extended bubbles where there are shared care and custody arrangements.

Ngā mihi nui,

TNIS Staff

Alert Level 4 – Update

Wed Aug 18 01:07pm

Mōrena TNIS Whānau,

Online learning has once again begun as teachers support your children’s learning from home. We realise that due to the abrupt nature of the lockdown, some learners may have left their devices at school, or do not have a device.

Presently we are unable to enter the school grounds or buildings. We have asked teachers to inform us of any learners without devices so that arrangements can be made to retrieve them from school, if and when we are allowed to return.

In addition to the programmes our teachers are providing, the Ministry of Education has some useful online content that you may wish to use:

Distance Learning: Alert Level 4

Curriculum teaching and learning resources (with guidance for parents) can be found online here for English-medium and here for Māori-medium
Home Learning TV can be accessed on-demand here or via the TVNZ App on a device (mobile phone, smart tv or tablet)
Mauri Reo, Mauri Ora can be accessed on demand from Māori TV for primary-aged tamariki and here for secondary school rangatahi.

Alert Level 4 – Important Information

Tue Aug 17 07:39pm

Kia ora tātou,

Following the announcement from the Government this evening, TNIS learners must stay at home for the next 7 days.

TNIS teachers will provide online learning for the next 7 days. Your child’s teacher will be in contact with them either this evening or early tomorrow morning with some learning that they can start working on. They will also advise them of their first online video meeting that will take place by 12pm tomorrow.

Learning will be shared online via Google Classroom and learners are familiar with this platform.

As educators, our foremost priority is our learners’ wellbeing. Whilst we encourage learners to complete the work given to them, we understand that everyone’s bubble is different and it may be difficult to do so. Please stay in contact with your child’s teacher if you have any concerns.

Ngā mihi,

TNIS Staff

Blue Light Rainbow’s End Fun Day – Sunday 12th of September 2021.

Mon Aug 16 08:16pm

TICKETS for the Rainbows End Fun day are available from TNIS Reception. We only have 25 tickets for sale. The cost is $40 and must be paid to the School Office in CASH please. Upon payment at the Office, you will receive your ticket.

Here are the details for the day:
This ticket includes entry to the park, a sausage sizzle, drinks for the students and bus transport to and from the Barfoot and Thompson Netball Centre, 44 Northcote Road,
– The ticket details must be completed by the parents prior to the student arriving at the Netball Centre, Northcote Road, on Sunday 12 th Setember. If the parent consent is not signed, the student will not be able to board the bus and go to Rainbows End.
– Students must bring a raincoat in case of wet weather and a full water bottle or similar, food to snack on, and are welcome to bring money to spend at the cafés.
– If your child brings a phone or similar, they are responsible for looking after these items. Police will take no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
– The buses will leave the Netball Courts at 09.30am – all the students to be there by 9.15am at the latest.
– Students will be returned to the Barfoot and Thompson Netball Centre at 4.15pm on Sunday 12 September for parents to pick up.
If the parent/caregivers are not at Barfoot and Thompson Netball Centre , 44 Northcote Road, Northcote to collect your child at 4.15pm, the child will be taken to North Shore Policing Centre, Parkway Drive, Mairangi Bay to wait for you
– No students will be permitted to walk home from the bus, your child must be collected by an adult by 4.15pm.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email:
Steve :  Stephen.Harwood2@police.govt.nz Cell: 0211914342
Don:  Don.Teoh@police.govt.nz Cell : 0211920493

This week’s newsletter is now available.

Thu Aug 12 02:37pm


Newsletter Week 3, Term 3 2021


Wed Aug 11 11:56am

Wednesday 11 August, 7pm
Te Puna
Westlake Boys High School
Gate 2
Bring all of your questions, hopes, and aspirations to the meeting and be part of the biggest change in the education of Māori at Westlake Boys.
Times will be confirmed after tonight’s hui.
These will be next week
Times will be confirmed after tonights hui.
Matua Johnny Waititi
Te Pouarataki o Te Huarahi Reo Rua
Leader of the Māori Bilingual Programme
Westlake Boys High School

Jesters Pie Day – AIMS Fundraiser

Tue Aug 10 12:21pm

A reminder to get your Jesters Pie orders in on kindo before 11am tomorrow, for delivery to class on Thursday this week.

Jesters Pie Day, Thursday 12 August – Fundraiser for AIMS

Thu Aug 05 05:24pm

AIMS is the largest sporting event for Intermediate aged children in NZ, it is held in Tauranga.
We have 4 teams attending AIMS this year, waterpolo, boys basketball boys Hockey and Netball. It is a week long event, and our teams will be competing against some of the best schools in the country.
The teams have been training all year for this event, and are looking forward to playing their best and making TNIS proud.
You can help support them by buying a Jester’s pie on Kindo for delivery to classrooms at lunchtime on Thursday 12 August. Orders close 11am on Wednesday 11 August.

TNIS Showcase Performances 2021

Thu Aug 05 04:52pm

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers,

We are very excited about our TNIS showcase performances that are happening in Week 6 of this term. The following groups will be involved and showcasing their work:

Orchestra – lgardiner@tnis.school.nz

Jazz Band – lgardiner@tnis.school.nz

Ballroom and Latin dance group – mmacgibbon@tnis.school.nz

Contemporary/lyrical dance group – mwilliams@tnis.school.nz, komeara@tnis.school.nz

Heath Watson’s guitar group – heathwatsonguitar@gmail.com

Rock Bands – lgardiner@tnis.school.nz

String group – lgardiner@tnis.school.nz

Ukulele group – lgardiner@tnis.school.nz

Kapa Haka – mmacgibbon@tnis.school.nz

Pasifika group – mmacgibbon@tnis.school.nz

Sports camp cheer (selected learners) – mwilliams@tnis.school.nz

Sound room team – gford@tnis.school.nz

Drama group – pgrant@tnis.school.nz

Showcase animators – ahemmings@tnis.school.nz

Visual Art Exhibition (in the Library) – tbuller@tnis.school.nz

The performances are on Tuesday 31st August and Wednesday 1st September starting at 7pm in the school hall however the learners will need to be at school for 6:30pm on the performance nights. If your child cannot make one or both of the shows please email the teacher responsible for the group to let them know ASAP, as this will be important information for rehearsals. All rehearsals are during school time with a dress rehearsal on Monday 30th August.

Tickets will be available on Kindo: adults $5 and children $3. All friends and whānau are invited and very welcome.

If you have any questions about the showcase please contact our Performing Arts specialist, Laura Gardiner, lgardiner@tnis.school.nz

TNIS Showcase 2021

Learner Led Conversations – PARKING

Wed Aug 04 09:46am

Kia ora,

Parking for the learner-led conversations this afternoon and evening is on the school basketball courts from 3:20pm.

Extra free parking is available at Smales Farm from 6pm.

Ngā mihi,

TNIS Staff

As an IB school, these Learner Profiles are the foundation of the IB PYP learning experience

Inquirers – Thinkers – Communicators – Risk Takers – Knowledgeable
Principled – Caring – Open-Minded – Balanced – Reflective

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