Meet our Staff

Kowhai: Rooms 1 – 4

The Kowhai Team is made up of four talented teachers who have a wide breadth of experience and energy. Room One is home to the experienced combination of Jayne de la Haye and Pam McHugh. Both these teachers are committed to providing an environment where learners feel valued and are challenged to develop independence in their thinking and learning.

Room Two’s teacher is Ciara Ruddy who has recently moved to New Zealand from Ireland. Her passion for teaching is evident in her caring and considerate interactions towards the learners under her charge. Steve Kurmann is the teacher of Room 3 and Team Leader. His strengths are in his calm disposition and passion for learning. In Room 4, Chantal Hair, is an energetic practitioner, who offers to learners, firm boundaries and perceptive interventions to enhance capacity for brilliance from her learners.

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi  

With your basket and my basket the people will live.


Rata: Rooms 5 – 8

The risk-taking Rata team is made up of Jared Riseborough (Team leader), Courtney Sheehan, Jennifer McWilliam and Jo Hendren. Rata team’s teachers are consistently focused on creating student centered learning environments. The Rata teachers work collaboratively to create purposeful learning opportunities and experiences for all learners. Across the team, with varied experience and skills, they value a rich learning environment. Their aim for 2018 is to work closely with whānau and community to build dynamic learning experiences.


Rimu: Rooms 9 – 12

An energetic team with a wide range of skills and strengths, Rimu Team ensures learning is relevant and engaging, consistently exploring authentic opportunities to develop students to be active leaders of their own learning and drivers of their own success. The team consists of Kathy O’Meara, Kevin Elmes, Samara Cox and Jadyn James. Kathy spurs on this vibrant group to maximise every chuckle, expertise and energises creative juices to flow towards providing a personalised response to learners’ needs and aspirations. Rimu values preparing the whole child on their learning pathway for the global society that they will live and lead in.


Manuka: Rooms 13 – 16

Marvellous Manuka team consists of four dedicated and motivated teachers. All are passionate about teaching adolescent-aged students, and value their inquisitive nature. Manuka team is made up of Rooms 13, 14, 15 and 16, and is led by Mr Nick Chandra. Alongside Mr Chandra, we have Mrs Mariska MacGibbon, Mrs Sandra Kurvink, and Ms Lillian Ku. All teachers are highly experienced and bring a vast range of expertise.


Totara: Rooms 17 – 20

Kia ora! The Terrific Totara Team, consists of five passionate teachers – Sun Lee in Room 17, Melissa Williams and Janey Luke in Room 18, Belle Campbell (Team Leader) in Room 19, and Liam Badger in Room 20. With a variety of backgrounds and worldly experiences, their strengths and skills are utilised to enhance and cater to the diverse holistic needs of our talented children. Holding high expectations of students and themselves, they strive to provide the best quality education possible. With a flare of creativity, a dash of energy and a sprinkle of humour, they are a great recipe for teaching and learning. The Team engage, build confidence, challenge and facilitate lessons that support and prepare our students to become independent lifelong global citizens who display the PYP Attitudes and Learner Profiles. They look forward to an exciting year full of activity and growth!

Houpara: Specialist Classrooms

The Specialist team provides practical, creative and artistic opportunities that focus on skill development and expertise in each of the seven subject areas. These include Digital, Materials, Food Technology, Science, Visual Art, Music, and Drama. We seek to inspire learners using resources and expertise that are not readily available in homeroom classrooms. The Specialist Teachers provide a wide variety of extension and enrichment programmes where students can further develop their skills and areas of special interest. Our team consists of Toni Buller (Visual Arts), Eleanor Batley (Materials Technology), Sylvia Watson (Music), Julie Boyle (Drama), Greg Ford (Science), Mike Morgan (Digital Technology), Anthony Dooley (Food Technology).



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