Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving is a challenging academic programme that requires a high level of abstract reasoning. Learners are selected to take part in the programme. Some of the qualities that are sought during the selection process are listed below:

* Enjoys challenges
* Takes risks
* Is curious
* Copes well with ambiguity
* Thinks creatively* Imagines the future* Wonders about the world
* Works well collaboratively in teams

All learners have the opportunity to trial for selection for this programme. Once selected, the group meets before school once a week to practise their skills.

Teams take part in a regional competition with the goal to represent New Zealand at an international level. TNIS represented New Zealand in 2018, winning two awards.

Teacher: Kathy O’Meara




Organised by the Auckland Mathematical Association, Mathex is a challenging and fast-paced mathematics contest where schools from across Auckland compete against each other in teams to answer questions as quickly as possible. Mathex features high-level brain power and fitness as the teams of four use their skills to answer 20 questions in half an hour with a designated runner responsible for collecting each question. Under the guidance of Mrs Lee, TNIS Mathex teams attend weekly lunchtime meetings to practise their skills in collaboration with other team members. All learners have the opportunity to trial for the selection process.

Teacher: Sun Lee



Problem Challenge – Otago Maths Competition

Problem Challenge is a mathematics problem-solving competition aimed primarily at children in years 7 and 8. It is organised by John Curran and John Shanks, retired members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Otago, with extensive secretarial help from Leanne Kirk, also of that Department. Learners participating in the competition attempt to answer five questions in 30 minutes on each of five problem sheets, which are done about a month apart, starting in April.

Teacher: Sun Lee



Kids’ Lit Quiz

The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual literature competition for children aged 10 to 13. It puts readers onto the stage and lets them compete for fantastic prizes. Quiz heats are held regionally in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and the USA. The winning team from each heat competes in a National Final. National champions compete in the World Final.

There is a robust selection process for TNIS Lit Quiz team members. Team members are extremely well-read and meet once a week to practise recalling their knowledge and facts from books they have read.

Teacher: Toni Buller and Katriona Oliver

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