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EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) is an essential element of our curriculum here at TNIS. We believe that there are elements of learning and education that most effectively take place outside of the classroom. It is in these environments that students have the opportunity to really stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone, learn essential practical and social skills, as well as growing in their ability to show cooperation, empathy and teamwork. We will be partaking in a 2 year cycle of EOTC, with one year being activity days, and the other being a camp experience. This year, students will take part in 3 days of outdoor education activities. One day will be at Lake Pupuke (doing raft building, learning to use Waka Ama and kayaking), another day at Woodhill Forest (half the day will be at Tree Adventures doing an extended high ropes course, the other half mountain biking in the forest), and finally another day in-school (adventure-based learning activities, bush craft and survival). Our aim is that students will come out of this as more balanced and confident individuals.

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