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Social Sciences @ TNIS

TNIS, being an IB School incorporates the PYP (Primary Years Programme) with the New Zealand Curriculum. We focus on the key achievement objectives that are developed through a range of approaches. Using a social inquiry approach, students:

  • ask questions, gather information and background ideas, and examine relevant current issues
  • explore and analyse people’s values and perspectives
  • consider the ways in which people make decisions and participate in social action
  • reflect on and evaluate the understandings they have developed and the responses that may be required.

PYP lets us build our understanding using the school’s inquiry process through the six Transdisciplinary Themes that are covered throughout the year. Rich learning engagements enhance students interactions and cover a vast range of global situations and issues. An aim is to develop lifelong learners and who are able to be great caretakers of our planet as they have an awareness of global issues.

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