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Specialist Learning @ TNIS

Student working on a science projectScience

Science at TNIS is focussed on hands-on investigations of scientific concepts and knowledge. We seek to inspire learners to engage with Science deeply and to further their scientific understanding in their own time and throughout their school careers. Science specialist lessons are fun and diverse, covering a broad range of disciplines including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.



Visual ArtTakapuna Normal Intermediate students holding their sculptural artworks

The Visual Arts curriculum is a fun and positive part of learning that enables learners to achieve success. The curriculum enables a universal language to be used that cuts across all cultural, educational and social barriers. Each material, tool, technique, process and procedure provides different skill development and opportunity for enhancing creativity and new learning. Students express their cognitive and creative ideas in differentiated and expressive two and three-dimensional artworks.



Music and the Performing Arts

Group of Takapuna Normal Intermediate students playing musical instrumentsMusic and the Performing Arts is an interactive, fun and creative learning programme, catering to all learner levels, interests

and abilities. The student-focused lessons offer an exploration of a variety of instrument types and dramatic conventions; opportunities to create compositions, choreography and dramatic works, perform in bands, dance ensembles, develop a knowledge of music theory, both traditional and modern examples and explore digital music.





Materials Technology includes a range of skills and design challenges, working in pewter, copper, MDF, a variety of woods, bamboo, acrylic, polymorph, and sometimes stranger materials like spaghetti or bananas. Products include, but are not limited to, trusses and skyscrapers, electronic instruments, ergonomic pens, pewter cast pendants, laser-cut rulers, pencil boxes. Students use a range of 2D and 3D programmes to create products for laser cutting and 3D printing, but we also practise the importance of working materials with hand tools.



Takapuna Normal Intermediate students working on laptopsDigital

Digital Technology is about preparing students for an ever-changing world where technology plays a pivotal role in both work and career options as well as fun and entertainment ones. Learners in 2018 will experience coding across a wide range of areas including website design and introduction coding languages, such as gaming and robotics.




FoodTakapuna Normal Intermediate student stirring food in a saucepan

Food Technology is focussed on hands-on activities that develop student skills and understanding allowing them to create safe food for themselves and others . We seek to inspire learners to engage with a range of cookery processes and techniques that further their understanding of technological processes that can be taken at Secondary school and further training. Food Technology specialist lessons are fun and diverse, covering a broad range of dishes that can be made for any occasion. Students develop an in-depth understanding of our kitchen routines called Mise-en-place. This develops their ability to operate efficiently, safely and independently in the kitchen.



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