Learning Support

Literacy Support

This specialised Withdrawal programme supports the literacy needs of learners. Teaching Assistants work one-on-one with ESOL learners twice a week to support their reading and writing skills in the Literacy Support Room.

Teacher Assistants

TNIS employs a team of skilled Teacher Assistants who support learners in classrooms who have learning and behavioural differences. Teachers plan the programmes to support and enable all learners to participate in classroom and specialist subject learning.


The STEPS programme has been specifically designed to support dyslexic learners who need extra assistance with spelling. This is an online programme that can be used at home as well as at school.


Spellbound Spelling is a peer tutoring classroom programme designed to help learners improve their spelling accuracy.

Sharp Reading

Sharp Reading is a programme that helps learners to improve their encoding and decoding skills when reading. Teacher Assistants facilitate this programme with small groups of learners in classrooms.

ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages

At TNIS we believe that language is fundamental to learning, thinking and communicating and that it permeates the whole curriculum. All staff are English Language Instructors and every teacher and parent plays a significant role in the language development and learning of our students.

All students should have the opportunity to acquire English in a safe, non-threatening environment where collaboration and discovery are encouraged. ESOL Support encompasses in-class support, ESOL classes and a targeted Literacy Support programme.