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Principal’s Message – Week Three

School Day – Thanks to all of our parents and caregivers who are using the school drop-off and pick-up areas correctly.  The management of student safety and traffic is a huge problem for our school.  The key times are:

8.00 Classrooms are open

8.30 Learners are expected to be at school

8.45 School starts

3.00 School finishes



School Pick-Up/ Drop-Off Zone opens to cars from 3.20pm

Please note – Smales Farm is closed for all school traffic.  Tickets may be issued to parents who park or wait in this area.

We would prefer that all learners are dropped or collected at the perimeter of the ten-minute walk zone or in the green shaded areas. Parents can meet their learners at a designated spot away from the school, which will lessen the traffic congestion.

Message from School Cafe

The TNIS School Cafe is up and running and your assistance is required for its successful operation.

A roster of helpers will be prepared and distributed.

Duty hours are from 10.15am until 1.30pm on your chosen day.

The maximum would be once every three weeks or less depending on the response.


If you can assist please email Beth Porteous –

Please let Beth know – your preferred day, contact details and your child’s name and classroom.

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