Uniform guidelines

The school uniform shop, next to the cafe, is managed by Beth Porteous and sells all items of clothing except shoes.

Uniform expectations:

  • We always wear our uniform correctly and with pride
  • We make sure that we bring our PE uniform to school for PE, Fitness and sports’ practices
  • Our shoes are plain black leather or leather-look with black soles and do not have coloured logos or stitching.
  • Our socks are navy blue or black and come up above our ankles
  • We only wear the TNIS school jacket during the school day but can wear our own jacket to and from school
  • We always wear our full school uniform to and from school each day
  • Hair that is shoulder length is always tied up in a ponytail. Clips, hair ties and headbands are brown, blue or black
  • One pair of small plain earrings is the only jewellery we wear at school. Jewellery of religious or cultural significance will be allowed on a case-by-case basis
  • School bucket hats or caps are worn every time we go outside in Term 1 and Term 4 so that we are sunsafe

Takapuna Normal Intermediate students wearing school uniform range

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