One of the elements of the TNIS Wellbeing Model is “Give”. Opportunities to practise giving and to engage in service activities are plentiful at our school.



School Leaders

Over the course of each year, 25 school leaders are chosen by staff and their peers to represent learners across all five learning teams. School Leaders act as a voice for all learners at TNIS and also work hard to organise charity fundraisers, fun events for their peers and organise a legacy; something that will be left behind for future learners. They are the face of TNIS, visiting primary schools as part of our transition process and acting as ambassadors and guides when visitors come to our school.

Teacher: Kate Watson




Wellbeing Leaders

The TNIS Wellbeing Leaders promote the TNIS Wellbeing Model, which focuses on giving, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Be Active and Connecting. They work alongside teachers to choose the weekly wellbeing focus and highlight the focus at assemblies. 

Teacher: Chantal Hair and Courtney Sheehan

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Cultural Leaders

TNIS Cultural Leaders focus on cultural sensitivity at TNIS to ensure school culture is inclusive and celebrates the diversity of our learners and staff. They promote and highlight the many cultures that make up the diverse cosmopolitan nature of our school through their community newsletters and speaking at our weekly assemblies.

Teacher: Sun Lee




Enviro Leaders

Enviro Leaders lead Enviro Group initiatives and speak at weekly school assemblies to bring both school and local community environmental issues to the fore.

Teacher: Briana Winters


Sport Leaders

Displaying fair play along with sporting talent, sports leaders act as excellent role models for their peers. They also report on sporting events at weekly assemblies.

Teacher: Jadyn James and Courtney Sheehan

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Enviro Group

As a Silver Enviro School, sustainability and looking after our environment are important values at TNIS. Members of our Enviro group take action to improve and sustain the TNIS environment. They tend to the TNIS vegetable garden and also look after our worm bins.

Teacher: Briana Winters




Chefs for Compassion

Chefs for Compassion is a unique learning opportunity for TNIS learners. As well as cooking and food preparation, “chefs” learn skills in public speaking, confidence building, understanding and respecting others, staying positive and connecting with others. Members of the team cook meals for families experiencing difficult circumstances.

Teacher: Tony Dooley




Trees for Survival

Trees for Survival is an environmental education programme that involves volunteer TNIS learners growing and planting native trees to restore natural habitats by helping landowners revegetate erosion-prone land, improve streamflow and water quality and increase biodiversity.

Teachers: Toni Buller & Briana Winters

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