Orientation Programme

International students are provided with a supportive orientation process. This starts with a  tour of the school for students, parents and/or designated caregiver.

 Orientation includes familiarising students with the following:

– school layout

– rules and regulations

– counselling, support systems

On the student’s first day, they are placed in their home class and assigned a first language buddy.

Over the first few weeks, the student will be assessed and placed in the appropriate support classes as needed. The International Student Director will continue to monitor the student during the first few weeks while the student settles into the class and the school. 

Parents/Caregivers and students need to know that Takapuna Normal Intermediate School has an ‘Open Door’ policy. At any time they may make an appointment to see the classroom teacher, ESOL teacher or the International Director to discuss any queries or concerns.


Student Experience

Student Experience, Takapuna Normal Intermediate School

Andy (China)

The education system in TNIS is very fun and amusing. We are trained to be independent, principled and creative learners. There’s a huge grassy field and five concrete courts for us to play on at morning tea and lunch breaks, along with fitness and PE time.

Loads of opportunities and new things to learn lay in your path here in our school, including sporting events, cultural groups and music performance. TNIS has a EOTC(Education Outside The School) programme, by the means of which we spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities such as Motutapu camp and Waterwise throughout the year.

I love the tech/specialisation classes. There’re six of them: art, music, science, digital media, food and material, and these make our learning at TNIS more abundant and enjoyable.