Students Experience

Orientation Programme

International students are provided with a supportive orientation process. This starts with a  tour of the school for students, parents and/or designated caregivers.

 Orientation includes familiarising students with the following:

  • school layout
  • rules and regulations
  • counseling, support systems


On the student’s first day, they are placed in their home class and assigned a first-language buddy.

Over the first few weeks, the student will be assessed and placed in the appropriate support classes as needed. The International Student Director will continue to monitor the student during the first few weeks while the student settles into the class and the school. 

Parents/Caregivers and students need to know that Takapuna Normal Intermediate School has an ‘Open Door’ policy. At any time they may make an appointment to see the classroom teacher, ESOL teacher, or International Director to discuss any queries or concerns.

Our Student Experiences

Cindy (China)

When I first joined TNIS, I was surrounded by strangeness, but curious about everything such as experiencing a new country, new school, new language, and new friends and teachers. I started my journey here with a sense of uncertainty. I was shy back then and I could only speak a little English unconfidently. But soon, the anxiety disappeared, and I met so many friendly teachers who are willing to help me when I was in trouble. My first class teacher Mrs. Reynolds always explained things to me patiently. Mrs. Yang and Ms. Young are always helping me to improve my English, so I wasn’t nervous anymore because I knew they were always there for me. And I also made close friends who were so nice to me, willing to chat with me, translate for me and explain tasks for me. Just like this, I spent my first year in excitement.

I learned so many new skills here and experienced so many sports that I didn’t get a chance to try in China. I also learned about various cultures, and my English improved a lot! The second year at TNIS was so much better, I began joining lunch clubs like the chess club and also sports groups like badminton. I really enjoyed having specialist classes and studying different subjects. I was in a different class with a different teacher, but they didn’t change, they were still patient, and kind and encouraged me to try new things. I made many new friends, and my English got even better!  Overall, It was such a wonderful experience, I am now more confident and knowledgeable. I am so grateful that I was able to study at TNIS in New Zealand.

Ray (Korea)

At TNIS I made lots of good friends. Everyone was so kind to me at the start of the year. Helping me adjust to the new environment. I really enjoyed my stay in TNIS. I learned a lot and tried a lot of new things to find out what I’m truly passionate about. The school has so many opportunities and activities I’ve never tried. I joined a Rock band, Future Problem Solving, Debate club, Robotics, and Epro8. It was a great experience. Every activity makes me confident and I can feel I am improving.

The six specialization classes were amazing and I always looked forward to this time. Through these classes, I now know what I like and what I am good at. I also played a lot of different sports. I didn’t have many sports in my previous schools but at TNIS, there is a wide variety of sports you can do. I think I was extremely lucky to spend my year in New Zealand in this amazing school. I really had so much fun at TNIS. I would recommend going to this school to any other international intermediate school student!