Well Being

At TNIS we have developed a wellbeing model that encompasses both the learners and our staff.

The Wellbeing Model has been developed around the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand’s model which focuses on five main aspects: Give, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Be Active and Connect. 

These five areas embody the three main aspects of “The Resilience Project” (TRP). This is a programme we run alongside the wellbeing model to help learners grow, learn and practice resilience. TRP programmes focus on Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness which links nicely to our school wellbeing model. Teachers have a focus each week to ensure the learners’ wellbeing is at the forefront of our teaching.Well Being, Takapuna Normal Intermediate School

We have effective systems in place to promote positive relationships. We believe in coaching and supporting learners to solve challenges and use restorative practices when seeking solutions.

Our Board of Trustees employs a qualified counsellor to provide additional support for learners’ emotional wellbeing.

Well Being, Takapuna Normal Intermediate School