Our Philosophy

At Takapuna Normal Intermediate we value individual growth through challenge and learning within sport; Participating with competitiveness and fair play; Creating enjoyment and encouraging enthusiasm; Taking pride in ourselves, our school and our community; Being gracious in defeat and humble in victory; Understanding that making mistakes is necessary for growth; Encourage, support, and trust each other on and off the field; Take ownership of our decisions.

We believe in the value of Sport and the positive impact it has on our students during the two years they are with us. We value and promote healthy competition and believe that new skills, attitudes and character is built through these sporting experiences.

We offer a vast number of sporting codes across a variety of different levels for both boys and girls and are exceptionally lucky to have a number of committed staff and parents who volunteer their time and effort to organise the implementation of different sports teams into North Harbour.

In 2020, we have become a GOOD SPORT school. This philosophy is used to help parents, coaches, teachers and sports administrators understand how they impact children’s sporting experiences.

Sports Prospectus